Participate – Diet Analysis

Dear Marine Business Owner,

Our primary interest is in promoting and optimizing fishery use for the benefit of stakeholders and the resource. The information we develop will help the states’ and federal management authorities to develop strategies to make the best and most sustainable use of the Gulf of Mexico’s fishery resources.

We are interested in placing collection locations strategically throughout the Gulf of Mexico. Collection locations will consist of chest freezers, purchased by us, and left at your place of business. At each collection location we will also leave bags and labels. The intention is to have anglers, after they have filleted their catch, deposit carcasses of selected fish species in the freezer along with some contact info and the date and approximate location it was caught. The species of primary concern include:

Red snapper, Tilefish, Red grouper, Yellowtail snapper, Vermillion snapper, Yellowedge grouper, Black grouper, King mackerel, Red drum, and Lane snapper. We realize that anglers in your area may not have access to all of these stocks – although those listed above are priority, we are also interested in collecting a wide range of other species.

To offset your time and effort involved in having the collection location at your place of business we will be offering cash bounties for collection of certain species to you and the angler ($5 to $8 per fish carcass). Additionally, we will be compensating each participating business with a flat rate participation fee ($300 to $700) as well as leaving the freezer for your private use after the study is concluded.

As we move to make this project a reality I wanted to inquire whether you might be interested to help in our research efforts. Would you be interested in working with me and my lab group? If so, please put in your information in the link below.

We are looking forward to working with you, Robert

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