Stephanie Taylor

taylor.stephanie.dolphin.2.250Stephanie Taylor graduated with a B.S. in Marine Biology from Auburn University.  During her time at Auburn she came to GCRL as a Summer Field Program student studying Shark Biology, Marine Invertebrates, and Oceanography.  After graduation from Auburn, she began to work for the Marine Education Center as an instructor and then later became accepted to the graduate student program at GCRL Southern Mississippi.

Stephanie completed her Masters in CoastalSciences with a concentration in quantitative fisheries.  She studied the ichthyoplankton community composition of both the Loop Current and Sargassum in the Gulf of Mexico.  During her time at the lab she was a graduate assistant for Center for Fisheries Research and Development and later with her advisor Dr. Robert Leaf working on Black Sea Bass.  She was also a teaching assistant for the Summer Field Program during summer 2013.