David Dippold


David earned his B.S. in Environmental Science from Messiah College in Grantham, PA. During his time at Messiah College, he worked to develop an Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI) for limestone streams in central Pennsylvania using fish assemblage. David came to GCRL in the fall of 2014 as a graduate assistant working under Dr. Robert Leaf. David graduated in the spring of 2016 and is will be a PhD student at The Ohio State University in the fall. He will be studying walleye population dynamics in relation to habitat quality and climate change.

David’s Masters research focused on the population and fishery dynamics of Spotted Seatrout. Spotted Seatrout is the most targeted recreational inshore species in Mississippi. As part of his thesis work, David compared growth parameter estimates from tag-recapture and otolith-derived age information, evaluated the effects of different management regimes on the size structure, yield, and reproductive output of Spotted Seatrout and completed an age-structured stock assessment of the Mississippi Spotted Seatrout stock.

Additionally, David worked as a technician for the Leaf Lab and analyzed a long-term Cobia cooperative tagging dataset. Using the tag-recapture information, he described the growth, movement, and mortality of Cobia in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic.

Check out more of David’s work at his personal site.