Lab Alumni

Robert Trigg (MS, 2018)

Corbin Bennetts (MS, 2018)

Taylor Daley (MS, 2018)

Grant Adams (MS, 2017)

  • Position/Job Title: Graduate Research Assistant
  • Employer: Punt lab at University of Washington’s School of Fishery and Aquatic Science

David Dippold (MS, 2016)

  • Position/Job Title: PhD Graduate Research Assistant
  • Employer: Ludsin Lab at The Ohio State University

Morgan Corey (MS, 2016)

  • Position/Job Title: Member, Sustainable Fisheries Goal Implementation Team
  • Employer: Chesapeake Research Consortium and Chesapeake Bay Program

Stephanie Taylor (MS, 2015)

  • Position/Job Title: Natural Resources Specialist
  • Employer: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Summer Interns

Claire Robinson (Summer Intern, 2015)

Jesse Marks (NSF REU, 2014)

Leaf Lab Members 2017: Kasea Price, Dr. Ashley MacDonald, Robert Leaf, Corbin Bennetts, Taylor Daley, Megumi Oshima, and Grant Adams


Leaf Lab Members 2016: G. Adams, R. Leaf, D. Dippold, M. Corey, T. Daley, and M. Oshima

leaf lab 2016.jpg