Corbin Bennetts


Corbin graduated with a B.A. in Biology with an emphasis in Environmental Biology and Ecology, accompanied by a double minor in Mathematics and Chemistry from Western State Colorado University (WSCU) in 2015. While at WSCU Corbin worked on many different research projects with species ranging from aquatic insects to red foxes. For his honors thesis, he did an assessment of potential impacts associated with adult mosquito abatement spraying on macroinvertebrate drift in local streams. After his bachelor’s degree, Corbin stayed at WSCU for one additional year where he took classes in a Masters of Environmental Management program before coming to the University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Lab in August of 2016 to work towards his M.S. under the advisement of Dr. Robert Leaf.

Corbin’s master’s work will focus on various aspects of Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus). His thesis will describe life history characteristics that are pertinent to the management mission of the species. Corbin’s work is funded through the Tidelands Grant and will be done in collaboration with the University of Southern Mississippi’s Marine Education Center and project INSPIRE (INvolving Student Populations In Research and Education). This partnership will make it possible for high school and college students to get involved and help with Corbin’s work. This provides a great educational opportunity, engages students in a project that contributes to the scientific community, and encourages students early in their education to pursue a career in science.

Prospectus Defense Presentation