Robert Trigg


Robert Trigg earned a B.S. in Natural Sciences with minors in Physics and German from Shimer College in Chicago. He came to GCRL in 2010 and worked as a Biological Technician until 2013, when be became a full-time M.S. student. Robert’s work at GCRL has included the Mississippi Blue Crab CPUE Study, Mississippi’s Fishery-Independent Sampling Program, Directed NRDA Assessment Research regarding blue crabs, and the Gulf of Mexico Nutrient Criteria Development in the State of Mississippi. He is a member of the American Fisheries Society and the Marine and Estuarine Graduate Student Association.

Robert’s master’s thesis research focuses on an individual-based model (IBM) of the Gulf menhaden (Brevoortia patronus) fishing fleet. His work adapts modern ecological simulation tools normally used for studying the foraging behavior of animals. He also hopes to verify that vessel movements, like animal searching strategies, can be characterized by a Lévy flight. This distribution of movements is heavy-tailed, with many short movements and relatively rare long movements.